Representing the residents of Magaliessig
"Working for a better and safer suburb"

Through YOUR involvement and membership contributions, Magaliessig Action Forum (MAF) is able to initiate projects that will ultimately lead to the overall betterment of our neighbourhood and ensure that our neighbourhood is a lasting legacy for future generations.

Our main focus areas include:

Championing security upgrades for the suburb such as: establishing a Community Neighbourhood Watch (area patrolling ) in conjunction with residents, Douglasdale SAPS, Douglasdale CPF and local security companies. Promoting security education for domestic workers through participation in domestic workers' awareness gatherings in association with SAPS, CPF and security companies. MAF has installed CCTV monitoring systems in what is adjudged to be part of a sucessful effort to reduce crime levels.

Enhancing Environmental Development: Laising with Johannesburg City Parks and Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department (JMPD) to initiate projects such as the clean-up of open spaces, planting of trees and the general beautification in and around our suburb.

Regular engagement with Ward Councilors and City of Johannesburg to assist residents with the regular escalation and resolution of outstanding issues.

Act as a central point of information and by bringing residents together and organising social events.