Representing the residents of Magaliessig
"Working for a better and safer suburb"

Magaliessig has several "open areas" which are designated as public parks or public open space.

The suburb also contains the Heilbrunnen Bird Sanctuary, falling under the ambit of Joburg City Parks and which MAF attempts to maintain as best it can. This bird sanctuary is home to a diverse and beautiful population of feathered friends.

The large open space along the southern side of Leslie Ave between Sparrow and Troupant Avenues and along the northern side of Leslie Ave east of Troupant Ave are also designated as public open spaces under the control of Joburg City Parks.

The public parks withiun the suburb are:

  • Rooivalk Park on Rooivalk Avenue near the top of Hiskett Avenue
  • Merrow Down Park, on Troupant Avenue opposite the Merrow Down Plaza shopping centre