Representing the residents of Magaliessig
"Working for a better and safer suburb"

We have used overlays on Google Maps to show the boundaries of the suburb of Magaliessig and the residential area within which MAF acts as the local residents' association.

The area that MAF primarily concerns itself with, and which we commonly think of as the suburb of Magaliessig, is bounded essentialy by Witkoppen Rd in the north, Main Rd in the east, William Nicol Hwy in the west and the N1 Freeway in the south. We however specifically exclude a portion of Fourways that is located east of William Nicol which is more usually known as Little Fourways Village (and which has its own residents' association).

It is also interesting to note that the official suburb of Magaliessig and its extensions also encompasses portions (or extensions) that are located outside the area that we commonly think of as being Magaliessig. For example, a portion of Magaliessig is located north of Witkoppen Road in the area more usually considered to be a section of Lonehill and a further portion is in the area we consider to be a part of Pineslopes. A pocket of Magalissig around Glenian Ave protrudes into what is regarded as the area of Little Fourways and is thus represented by them. In addition, whilst excluded from MAF's area, technically the Montecasino complex falls within the cadastral area of Magaliessig.

MAF also represents some properties that are not an official (cadastral) part of Magaliessig, but are rather orphaned parts of neighbouring suburbs. Examples are: (i) properties along the western side of Troupant Ave which are technically part of Fourways (Little Fourways) but are disconnected from and not accessed through that suburb; (ii) properties (mainly townhouse complexes) along the southern side of Troupant Ave which are offically part of Bryanston but are disconnected by the freeway; and (iii) properties along the eastern side of Troupant which are officially in Blue Heaven AH, but contiguous with Magaliessig.

The map shows the Magaliessig official (cadastral) boundary (outlined in pink), the area represented by the Magaliessig Action Forum (MAF) (outlined in blue) and the area (part of Fourways) represented by Little Fourways Village Homeowners' Association (LFV) (outlined in green). The orphaned parts of Magaliessig that are located north of Witkoppen Road are represented by the Lonehill Residents' Association (LRA).

You can adjust the map's view by zooming in or out and by panning up or down and to left or right. When you zoom out you will get a better idea exactly where Magaliessig is located with reference to the surrounding suburbs and the major roads.

Click on the "box" icon (top right) to view in a larger window within which you can select other views such as a "Google Earth" or "satellite" view as well as controlling the appearance of the overlays.

Magaliessig suburb cadastral boundary - pink
Magalissig Action Forum's area - blue
Little Fourways Village (LFV) area: green