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coronavirusAccurate local information on the new Corona Virus and the illness it causes, Covid-19, is available on the official South African Corona Virus website:

South African Coronavirus website

Additional good information is also available on the following websites:

Department of Health:

World Health Organisation

Please check and verify your posts on social media!

MAF implores residents and anyone else, no matter how well-meaning, NOT to post or publish unverified, false or misleading information about either coronavirus or covid-19 on any of the social media platforms (WhatsApp groups, Facebook pages, etc) operated under its name. MAF reminds everyone that posting on those platforms is tantamount to publishing such information into the public domain which could result in the arrest or prosecution of the person making the post and possibly also the group's administrators.

When quoting or forwarding information that is not your own personal report, please ensure that the source of the information is verified with the original author/s or source organisation/s and wherever possible provide a reference weblink to the original source or provide contact details for the source. Please do not become amateur or fake reporters or alarmists. We will have a tough time getting through this period without unnecessary "noise".

Please rely upon the professional media (TV: eNCA, SABC, SkyNews, CNN, etc. Webnews: EWN, News24, TimesLive, etc) and the websites linked above to provide all the information you may need.

Please confine your posts on social media to those that are genuinely and uniquely in the social and security needs and interests of the residents and members of the Magaliessig community.